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Sysadmin lecture today, it was fun. I answered a few questions the lecturer asked (he’s a friend of mine anyhow). Went to PVV afterwards and met up with Knut Auvor and we discussed a bit who we wanted to give talks for NUCCC; We had a few ideas and fired a few emails. Went to a cafe afterwards where the expert group was supposed to meet, but the others didn’t show up, which was kindof good, since I was already double booked. So, I attended a meeting on IRC where we discussed the crack from last week and made some plans for the future. This is coming into shape, which is both good and cool.

Went home afterwards, this time remembering to hand in my physics work. Not much, but I’ll pass. Got home, drank a beer, had some dinner and worked for the rest of the evening. Tired, tired, tired.

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