experts in team
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I overslept. Of course I did, I was out last night drinking beer. Well, I wasn’t more than 15 minutes late, having skipped breakfast. We sat around, trying to think of a project, but couldn’t. Or rather, we had a bunch of loose ideas, but nothing solid. Since I hadn’t gotten any food yet, my brain was totally disfunctional. After some food and more tea, it worked somewhat, but this “Experts in Team” thing is just a waste of time. Unluckily, it’s compulsory.

Afterwards, went to Samfundet, worked through a little of my stack of emails, including some AMD64/biarch issued. It seems like Scott James Remnant and I mostly agree, and hopefully I’ll go to the Open Source World Conference, so I’ll have a chance to discuss it with him and Wichert . Kristian Barek helped me get a sofa of mine back from Hanne, then it was evening and I went to bed. Fairly uneventful day, a bit boring, but I feel uneasy and restless. Not sure why.

Also, I managed to triple-book myself for tomorrow. I’ll just have to be in two locations, attending two meetings and doing some phone work, all at the same time. I wonder how or if this will work out.

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