busy day.
1 minute read

Woke up at 0700, was at the university at about 0830; physics. It went surprisingly well, considering the time of the day. Had a cup of hot chocolate and a loong chat with Ingvild afterwards. Very nice. We then went to a computer lab, and I basically wasted another hour. I knew I was going to do something, but had no clue what, so I just sat there and fiddled. Since I had brought my piggy bank (to deposit in the bank), I asked her to join me downtown. She had to get a new pair of soles for a pair of her shoes, so we went to her and Øystein’s, then downtown. Piggy emptied, I went to a lecture before heading off for Samfundet. Sat up and played a little around with Kerberos. Will have to play more in order to decide whether we want to base the systems on it, but it sure looks promising. Got home, watched another episodes of Band of Brothers, but it seems like my E06 CD is broken (actually, it’s Øystein’s, but nevermind :) A bit sleepy, this is fucking up my sleep pattern again..

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