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I’ve forgotten to blog for the last two days, at least in my diary. Shame on me. On Friday, I did blog in life, but I have this promise to myself that I’ll try to blog at least once a day in diary. So it’ll resemble a real diary; that’s the plan at least.

Friday evening was spent working in the wardrobe at Samfundet. I have a lot more respect for those people who do this each day now. I ran, more or less, for six hours. Tiring, but fun. Talked a little bit with Vidar, Stein-Magnus and Steinar afterwards, and Vidar drove me home. Went to bed about 0530. I think.

Saturday was spent at home, I read thorugh the rest of Tom Clancy’s “Red Rabbit”. Was out a bit and had a cup of hot chocolate with Hanne before going home again. Not a good day. Or rather, a decent day with a not-too-good ending.

I fell asleep with all my clothes on and everything, woke up at about 0500, undressed (but forgot to brush my teeth) and went back to sleep. Slept until about 0930, watched two “Band of Brothers” episodes. Very interesting series. Magnio was replacing her case and fans, but was having some problems, so I went over and helped her out a bit. We had a good time and fixed most of the problems, except that her keyboard stopped working in X. It works fine in console (if you stop gpm) or using a knoppix cd, but not in Fedora’s X. Weird. At some point her husband, Anders, came home and started making dinner. We had a nice time and sat around talking for a little more, before I went back home again for another episode of Band of Brothers.

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