Home again
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I think I have something resembling a stable sleep pattern now.. It sure feels weird. I’ve plowed through most of Tom Clancy’s “Red Rabbit” today. His books are catchy, and I have trouble putting them away when I’ve started reading them. Not deep novels challenging my mind, but quite fun to read nevertheless.

I decided to go home to Trondheim from Åre today, to make room in my schedule for cleaning up after the server compromise, but first I had a few hours in the slopes. Down in the valley it was freezing cold (humid and -20°C..), but once you got into the mountains it was sunny and only about -10°C. I really felt the connection with my snowboard today. I didn’t steer, I moved it. It did as I thought it should, it was awesome. I miss skiing a lot; it’s so much fun.

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