Long day.. angry
1 minute read

I’m a bit angry right now. I’m in Åre, having fun. I’ve got a bunch of new acquintances, but suddenly they all abandon me. Life sucks, and as usual I’m left to clean out the sheards. I hate doing that.

Oh well, my day began approximately at 07:53. That’s not really true, since the others came home at about 01:30 and made a lot of noise. I just tried to sleep.

Anyhow, today: woke up, dressed, went into the living room where Hanne was already awake. We ate breakfast. Her mittens were gone, so we missed the first bus. We did however catch the second one, thanks to Simen lending her a pair of gloves. We went to “Rödkullan”, a fairly family-friendly area. It was a lot better than yesterday, and Hanne actually enjoyed herself. I had fun as well, but thought the slopes were easy.

After skiing, we bought some spirits and cider, then went home. Had a little afterski, then we went into the town and Hanne bought a pair of jeans and a shirt. Went to the food store afterwards and then went back home. The evening was good, we had a sauna and had a decent dinner. Went early to bed.

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