Great day.
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This has been a fabolous day. I woke up at about 1100. Went to samfundet at about 1300, scaled the back side of the house a few times to take down some banners hanging on the back side of the building. They still said “Summer Cafe”, which, well, is kinda wrong, considering we’re talking about mid-January. I didn’t think through what I was doing well enough before starting, so I didn’t bring any tools along. Luckily, using one of my wire carabiners I was able to unfasten the shackles on the first banner. The second wasn’t that easy: First, I tried just using the wire in a wire carabiner, then I tried using a small plier, but still without luck. I then lent a monkey wrench and some lubricant from the radio club. Using that, I was able to loosen the shackle and get the second banner down.

Then I went inside and Sesse came by. We installed his new hard drive into vawad and tried to get his 512MB memory stick working, the latter with no luck. I started moving stuff off my two media disks, so I could convert them to EVMS volumes.

I then went home, packed for my snowboard trip to Åre, then went to Ingvild’s and Øystein’s and had a great chicken dinner. We ate some cookies, chocolate and coffee, then Ingvild and I went to Samfundet for a concert. It was really nice, I’ve soo missed concerts. (And since I work as a volunteer at Samfundet, I don’t pay any entrance fees, and I’m allowed to bring a person along :) We had a few beers, and I happened to meet a friend of mine, Alexander, who didn’t like the concert too much. We ended up talking for about 20-30 minutes, so I got two SMS-es from Ingvild complaining about me not returning. Alexander and his girlfriend split up before Christmas, just like Hanne and I, so we had a bit to talk about.

After then concert, we drank the rest of our beers and went home. I’m looking forward to getting up at 0600 tomorrow and getting ready for five days of snowboarding. :)

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