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Of course, I forgot to blog yesterday. Not surprising, since it was a very productive day. I woke up at about 0630, got to university and did some physics there. I’m sooo out of training, not having done any physics in the last four years help. Later, I hung out at PVV, the computer club at the university. It was nice seeing people after Christmas. My lecture was cancelled, so I went to Samfundet instead. There I ended up hacking the ITK logo and vectorizing it. I also ate a 333g garlic-cheeseburger at Sesam, arguably the best burger shop at least in Trondheim, probably the best in Norway. Øystein came down just before I was going home, so we walked home together. Nice seeing him as well, his project is coming along a lot better now. Once home, I installed aija, a laptop I got for free from a friend on IRC, wa-ho. P120, 24MB RAM. I had to fiddle a little to get d-i to work properly, but it wasn’t that hard. Also coded up an RSS interface to . To use, point an RSS consumer to, for instance.

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