another day
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another day. I slept a little too little, so woke up not-too-fresh. I didn’t have any lectures until 11:00, so it wasn’t too bad. My fridge was completely empty of food, so I went out and got myself a little breakfast. Got home, ate, irced a bit, checked the news; all the regular stuff. Went to university, discovered that the lecture in Computer Systems - Design and Operation was cancelled.

Therefore, I went to a terminal room where I got some productive work done: made a schedule, irced a bit, ranted about the Learning Management System here, which requires us to sell our souls and such. I had a math lecture (Laplace transforms) with a russian with a horrible accent. Fell asleep during the lecture, but since I slept in the break as well, I was awake during the last part. Ok-ish. I cleaned my storage box at the university before heading home.

Once home, I put a wireless card in my workstation and moved the AP to the router. Then I upgraded the kernel on my workstation and the router. It all worked out very well (except that compiling on a PII-350 takes a while. distcc is good), including all the shitty proprietary networking drivers (DSL card + wireless card). ALSA also works fine. I’ll hopefully get things cleaned out a bit more here at home in the coming days. I also discovered that I need another box, to use as KDC and log server. I’m not too happy about that.

I meant to give libc on amd64 another shot, but it’s a bit late for that, I have a lecture at 08:15 tomorrow morning.

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