The first day of the semester
1 minute read

So, there passed the first day of the semester. As I wrote, I didn't sleep too much last night, so I've been a bit tired most of the day. I've been to this "Experts in team", where we are organized in "villages" which will then be subdivided into teams. Our village has the theme "Art and IT", which might turn out very interesting or dead boring. I'm not sure yet, but we'll see soon enough.

This lasted until approximately 15:00, when I went from the University to Samfundet, a student house. There I spent a few hours trying to trick this server into accepting a XP2400+ or MP2200+ processor, but in vain. I'm a senior in the IT group there, so I attended a meeting (though; a meeting sounds really really formal. It's just a student group). Nice seeing people again. Later, I started getting 2.6 onto the server, did a few dist-upgrades on the workstations and general maintenance. Also fixed some work stuff, including breaking one of the more important servers there.

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