productive day.
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Unlike yesterday and most other days this christmas, today has been most productive. First, I woke up, chatted a bit on IRC and then suddenly remembered that it was Monday today, and that I was supposed to be at the University of Oslo to upgrade the main Skolelinux server. pere asked when I was going to be there, so I biked over. A bit of snow in the air, but nothing much. Some on the ground, though.

About 30 minutes before I got there, 2.4.24 was released, which was really convenient, since I then only had to upgrade the kernel once and not twice. That took a few hours, wrestling a little bit with the initrd hell and such, so I ended up compiling the kernel with the SCSI module and file system drivers in the kernel, and all was good.

Afterwards, I went downtown and met a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in a looong time. We talked a lot, and we were supposed to play chess, but there weren’t any free boards, so we just drank coffee and chatted. Hege works at Oracle in Ireland at the moment and she’s having fun over there. I miss her, and I also miss a bunch of my other friends from Oslo, even though they aren’t in Oslo anymore, they’re all over the world.

Afterwards, I called ├ůsmund and we met on the way home. Like always, our discussions are long and interesting; we mostly agreed to disagree. We ended up discussing personality types and such; he said I was ESPF, while I ended up being ENFJ. A good evening, with some beer and red wine on top.

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