sunday, vacation soon to an end
1 minute read

another day, and the vacation is getting closer to an end. I’m looking forward to getting back to Trondheim, with my friends, my apartment, my machines and the usual stuff, like samfundet, the university and everything.

I’ve been carrying computers for a few hours today as well, some are going to be saved, some are going to a flea-market, and some are going to a computer museum in Trondheim (if we can get them shipped to Trondheim without incurring too high costs).

Ate dinner at my mother’s place, delivered a key card and a key to the server room on my way there. It was nice. Afterwards, I got home again and worked for a few hours, closing and joining cases in RT, and setting up some stuff. Also made a short list of benchmarks I’m going to submit the new systems to. Spent some more time IRC-ing and fixing various stuff. All in all: a mostly non-productive evening.

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