L'Eau Benite
1 minute read

This is the second of a set of sample beers Karianne and I brought home from Canada. It’s described as “a golden ale with a slightly fruity taste and a light spicy aromatic flavour”. It’s absolutely an ale, but it mostly reminds me of Stjørdalsøl, the “beer” Anders served this fall. Unlike Stjørdalsøl, this is carbonated like normal beer. What’s special about this compared to a regular ale is the taste of burnt or smoked barley. As long as the taste is not too strong, I find it quite good, but too much (as is the case with Stjørdalsøl), it just gets overwhelming and makes the beer undrinkable.

The body is relativetly thin, as is the case with regular ales. Carbonation is a bit on the high side compared to the rest of the beer. The ale is more of a spring or summer drink than something to drink around the turn of the year.

So, all in all an interesting beer, but not one I’m going to drink much more of in the future (just the fact that you can’t get it outside of Canada limits the chance I’ll see it again anyway).

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