O'hara's celtic stout
1 minute read

So, since Anders has continued blogging about beers, I figured I might try blogging about interesting beers too.

I had a beer I bought in Finland, during a beer-shopping spree Magni and I went on. Some of the beers were ok-ish, but this is absolutely one of the good ones. It’s a stout, so it’s black. The head was very small, but it smelled good. The dark, sweet (but not overwhelming) smell of a dark beer. A bit of chocolate, but not too much of that either.

The first two or three tastes were when the beer was still a bit too cold, so it lacked a bit in the body, but once it warmed up that corrected itself. Full and nice chocolate/coffee-taste. The carbonation is medium, so neither flat nor tounge-biting.

Unlike some other stouts, this one doesn’t feel like it will fill up my stomach, so it’s much more like a porter in that regard. (Incidentially, porters and red/brown ales are my favourite kind of beer.)

All in all, a very nice beer and I hope I’ll find more of it in the future.

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